You can also book for a  spirit reading for an animals that has Crossed to Spirit.  I say 'crossed' as they are still living, but living in a different Realm now.


I know how connecting with your spirit animals can help bring peace and comfort to owners (and sometimes for an animal that is left behind too).


Animals communicate the same way as animals living on Earth do and will often make us laugh and smile as well!

You will need to know yourself if you are emotionally strong enough at the time to do it and, if not, you may want to delay it until the time is right to have a conversation. This is a very sensitive issue and I am only offering it as I have experienced the pure relief/joy etc. it can bring.  

I hope that I can be of help to you, whether this is just to hear what your pet has to say, which sometimes can be so funny and often very sweet, or if you really don't know where to start with a problem. Let me tell you from them what has happened or what is going on. The most common fear is, "What if they say they don't like me?" Animals are basically non-judgemental, and seem to accept how little or how much  love  they are given.

Animal Readings are 1-2 hours 

When talking with animals, Gemma uses her intuitive ability and  Spirit Guides and all of her senses to build trust and a sense of security enabling animals and their owners Building a  safe space to understand each other on level ground, enhancing your existing relationship creating new opportunities to build.   

“Animal Communication”

How do they know when you are going to take them to the vet, or have you ever noticed your pet being quiet and seeming to be a little depressed before you are due to go on vacation.

"What do they know that you aren’t telling them?"

“Animal Communication is the ability to sense visual images, feelings and thoughts from our animals”. Animals love to be understood and they try to communicate with us in so many ways.

“They can only speak in their language”
All animal’s are individual, they have their own personality and purpose in life. Animals like ourselves, like to laugh, play enjoy their food, explore new experiences and so many have such wonderful sense of humours. They have all of our senses and they do Bark.

“We have forgotten how to listen”

Gemma listens by tuning in to those silent subtle energies that embrace all living things; this attunement enables her to work in harmony providing a safe space so that information can be relayed back and forth.  As an animal communicator Gemma is able to see their pictures, feel their feelings and listen to their thoughts 

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