Psychometry  is a psychic ability in which Gemma can sense or "read" the history of an object by touching it. And can receive impressions from an object by holding it in her hands or, perhaps, touching it to the forehead. Such impressions can be perceived as images, sounds, smells, tastes - even emotions These readings are helpful for an insight into the peron and their life who owned the object.

You should not participate in a Sitting  with Gemma believing that you will be able to speak to a specific loved one. It is better to keep an open mind and be ready to accept proof by whichever means spirit chooses. 

 Gemma Sometimes likes to use tools to aid her in herreadings. One such item is a pendulum, which is thought to be an extension of intuition and a means of connection with spiritual forces.

A pendulum is a heavy weighty object such as a crystal which usually has a pointed bottom and hangs from string. Gemma tunes into the pendulum throughout the psychic reading.

The pendulum is physically moved or directed by spiritual forces, guides or sometimes even the person’s own angels. The pendulum psychic reading answers basic yes or no questions and so is ideal for people who want direct answers to things that might be troubling them.

Pendulum readings are beneficial for those who need to make a choice of any kind or who want guidance in figuring out the best path to take. Sometimes people have pendulum readings when they have lost a loved one and to help find missing people. Others use pendulum readings to help them decide where to search or go to; in this case the pendulum may be held over a map.

When Gemma  is conducting the reading She will be able to guide you through the process and help you make the most of your psychic pendulum reading.

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 Gemma believes like many others believe their pets are trying to communicate a message to them or are more intelligent than what most people give them credit for.Gemma is a  Pet psychic and  would agree with you that  animals are naturally always communicating with you without you even knowing it.

Gemma a pet psychic, also known as an Animal Communicator, she is able to telepathically communicate with your pet and understand why they might behave or act in a certain why.

This is often used to treat the cause of behavioural problems for cats or dogs, the most popular kind of pet. Some other pet owners simply like to use the reading as a way of checking in on their pet and out of curiosity of what is on their pet’s mind.

The messages that Gemma gathers from the pet is then relayed to the owner. The pet doesn’t even have to be present for Gemma to Give  a reading, Gemma has developed her unique psychic ability to give these unique readings.

In fact, many pet owners who have lost their pet have sought the  help of Gemma to help them discover the whereabouts of the animal, making it a very beneficial type of psychic reading.

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