I met Gemma at a fayre in Wickham. she had a lovely and welcoming nature and I knew I had to have a reading. I've had a lot of readings and never have I connected with a medium like Gemma. The reading was insightful, emotional and really pin pointed the events in my life right now. We both ended up crying which was lovely. Thank you for helping me see more clearer during a difficult time. Gem Kernan❤️


Amazing and totally spot on platform reading from PsychicMedium Gemma Stacey on Friday night @ Breakwater. Such detail in her character depiction, and spirit messages. Gemma's work has helped me a lot over the past 24 hrs, given me such comfort and strength. Thank you Gemma your amazing KT Stroz Weymouth

A lovely visit from Gemma. I lost my cat Spice 2 years ago, was comforting to know he still visits me and brings a friend with him!! (Young kitten) she stood in the door way to my flat and could hear a cat in spirit, crying, "not a cat that you've owned" she explained, it was someone else's. I have since heard this cat myself, twice!! Second time was only a few weeks ago, no cat to be seen anywhere!! I thought I was going mad until I remembered what Gemma had said!!! She also explained, my other cat Marmite, had me wrapped round his paws! And that he owned me, not me own him, I can live with that!! Would welcome Gemma back anytime xxx Michelle Glover

Met Gemma for the first time today... such a wonderfully warm, generous, compassionate and truly gifted lady. Thank you... x Tracey Dowling

Had a reading today with Gemma... a very special and talented lady... thank-you, look forward to seeing you at Wickham : - ) Neil Dowling

 "My friend and I have just had a reading with Gemma and she is fantastic, we both got a great deal out of this, and she was spot on .Thank you so much Gemma see you soon xxxxShirley from Weymouth

"I highly recommend Gemma for a reading spot on" Richard from Weymouth

" Wow a truly amazing person genuine and spot on thank you for helping me". Sophie from Poole


Gemma did a fantastic reading for me today at the Hayling Island Spiritual Fayre! She connected to my guide as well as picking up on one of my past life's! Just WOW! I always look forward to seeing her as she really helps me confirm what path I should be on spiritually. I will most certainly see you again soon xx Sarah Hutton

I had a brilliant reading with Gemma a month ago. She was amazing. I was feeling really stuck but she accurately predicted that I would find a new job and everything else would fall into place for me. This has now happened and lots of exciting doors are opening for me as she said it would. Gemma is such a compassionate understanding person it's like she can see into your soul. Thanks Gemma xx Anna G

Had a reading with this beautiful lady, I told her nothing about me at all, but she just knew me she knew how I was, she gave me information that I truly needed to hear to move forward with my life, and she gave it to me in the most beautiful caring tactile maner, just spot on with everything she said, phenomenal reader and beautiful soul. Thank you xxxx Leanne Essery

Had a reading done today and was blown away by how accurate it was. It was spot on, love the no flannel approach she just told it as it was. Thank you for a very insightful reading xx Debbie Howsam

Fabulous reading had by Gemma yesterday. To start with I wasn't sure, then it clicked and I realised exactly what she meant and she validated so many things, including stuff I have only ever thought and never said. So thank you so much xx Mel b

I had a reading with gemma recently at a fayre in Totton. She was amazing really had made me feel more connected with my spirit guide and my loved ones who have passed. She has a very friendly nature and I would definitely love to have another reading again. Hayley Totton

Wow An Amazing evening so pleased both my parents came through you showed me life after death exists thank you love and light. Jill Weymouth

 Wow i've just had a reading with Gemma she was bang on the money she knew things that had not been discussed, a very honest spot on medium. Emma from Poole

Gemma is a beautiful soul; her readings are intuitive, insightful, to the point, and accurate. A lovely experience, just when you need it x Amy Copping 

Thank-you for the reading this evening Gemma. You were spot on with all your valuable and well received information. Hopefully you have now made me aware of some changes I need to put in place in my life going forward. Thanks again, Terry Weymouth.

My Wife had a reading with Gemma last night at Lychett MInster School Fair, Gemma was very caring and thoughtful and very good at what she does, made my wife feel calm and ready to hear what was being said from the other side. Highly recommend this lady my wife is looking forward to booking a more in depth reading in the New Year. Thank you Gemma from Karan Lytchett Minster

I had a lovely and very moving message through Gemma today from my mother in spirit. I helped me tremendously to release from held in grief I'd been struggling with since her passing..made me realise such strong bond doesn't get broken by mere physicality of a body. So much else I could say, things Gemma knew about her and me..incredible. Highly recommended. Such a warm hearted lady..smashing..thank you Gemma. Jackie 

Fantastic medium best I've seen by far in Dorset and I've seen a fair few Gemma is honest and interesting to talk to. She was spot on with my reading no fluffy stuff like I've had with Tarot in the past defiently worth having an outstanding reading with her x   Karl James Poole

I had a reading done with Gemma for the first time at the spiritual fayre in Midhurst. She is absolutely lovely and everything she said made perfect sense to me. It's lovely to know my grandad is with me. For 4 years I've wanted to try and connect with him but I've always been too nervous. I felt so relaxed and comfortable with Gemma and I will definitely go back to her again. Thank you Gemma  Shannon Clarke ❤️

 "Thank you to Psychic Medium Gem for your enlightening accurate reading you have shown me evidence of life after death thank you for helping me move forward." Steve Poole

 "A Truly Serene Lady"  KT Stroz

 Thank you for an amazing evening thoroughly enjoyed as always. Such an amazing talent thank you for sharing it xx Katherine Weymouth

You were amazing Gemma. Absolutely spot on.... Better than I expected. Thank you for bringing my school friend through bless her and you. I'm looking forward to Woodchester with you and your team not long to wait now  You have helped me more than you will ever realise xxx time to slow down and grieve!! xxx thank you millions sweetie Katie Weymouth

Wow what a great genuine talent you talked about things i had not disscussed with anyone, a bubbly easy person to have a reading with. Amy Salisbury

Just wanted to say thank you for Friday night, it got a really good response and we are looking forward to having you back again in October!  The Royal Breakwater Hotel Portland.


 Hi Gemma was lovely to meet you thank you so much for the lovely reading, your amazing :-) x Esther

Hi Gemma. I hope you are well. I have been meaning to write you feedback after my last reading with you but have been so busy so I do apologise it hasn't been sooner. I don't no if you remember me but I have had two small readings with you. The last at Budmouth School and the other at Wyke Ladies Night. I just want to say thank you so much. Both reads were spot on and couldn't be more accurate. You and your spirit guide (sorry I can't remember his name) are a fantastic team I can not express enough how accurate the reading was. My first reading was with you at Wyke School where your spirit guide told me that a new job was going to come up. I must admit I wasn't expecting another job to come up. He said I wouldn't go for it the first time but it was a really good move for me. I didn't think any more of this and then a job appeared that I got approached to do. I turned it down originally as I was happy where I was. However the job come up again... I don't live my life by what spirits say (although they are usually right!!!) however I thought there must be a reason why this has come up again and so I went for it and got it... I just want to thank you and your spirit guide for helping me and guiding me to make the change as I really couldn't be happier in my job. Also your spirit guide could not have been more accurate about my feelings and my personality. He was spot on. It almost takes someone to tell you what your like to change it for the better. I am now a much more positive person and once again I have you and your spirit to thank. Your a very gifted lady. I have been to a few people like your self and I must say you are the best by far at how accurate you have been and I will most certainly be booking for another reading with you again this year. Thank you again. Katie xx

Hi Gemma sorry for the late feedback we were amazed at your accuracy  , we just wanted to say thank you for our amazing reading me and my husband received we have never had a reading before and you put us at ease, you connected to our family members and gave us a wonderful insight into life after. Sophie and Tom Parsons

Hi Gemma Just wanted to write and say a huge thank you for the comfort you game me after my sitting with you, you were spot on with the evidence you passed to me from my dad, I did not tell you any information and yet you knew family secrets and other personal information. thank you again for your compassion and love shown whilst giving my reading a truly wonderful genuine lady with a beautiful soul. Sienna Guildford 

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